Apartment ‘Stalin skyscraper at Barrikadnaya’

1 Kudrinskaya square, Moscow

Housing space
100 m2
Execution time
9 months

Scope of work

Complete design development (3 months), entire premises repair (6 months), supply of the materials, furniture, illumination units and window decoration accomplishment (4 months).


The apartment is located in one of the well-known Stalin skyscrapers famous for its typical style. It is characterized with high ceilings, rather small rooms and thick weight-bearing walls unable for replanning.

The client’s idea was to keep the main features unchanged preserving the atmosphere of the epoch, and to make the original facilities more durable. At the same time, his demand was to include there all the essential technical elements of modern domestic appliances making the living more comfortable.

The key challenge was to select the furniture and illumination units combining the highest quality by eminent brands, and both highly-efficient and compact.

The color range was composed of light hue to make the rooms visually more spacious. Kitchen is one the most demanded furniture set in an apartment and it was equipped with technically progressive model by Siematic for its light facades and convenient appliances arrangement designed in neo-classic style.

The guest bedroom is equipped with a comfortable transforming bed manufactured by Futura plant.

The corridor contains a capacious wardrobe designed on order. The foreside of the wardrobe is proportionally divided and inner part is mathematically designed to fit a very pair of shoes, bag or a coat hanger in order to use tiny space in the most efficient way.

Living room is furnished with stylistically neutral bookshelves produced by Porro factory.

Other suppliers are Gaggenau, Porta Romana, Vaughan, Valmori, Cattelan Italia, Chelsom, Guadarte, Longhi and others.

NB The photos were taken after the client had moved in.


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