About us

                         “Elegance is not about being noticed, but about being remembered”

                                                                                                                        Giorgio Armani

Welcome to Smartline - world of pure elegance, exceptional service, and personal touch.

Our Design philosophy of “Timeless Elegance” is based on principles of “Less is more”, European aesthetics, In and Out harmony, use of high-quality designs and genuine materials, personalization according to location and individual lifestyle, and feng-shui.

Our Service approach is based on that we look at every project on a global scale in terms of style, quality, price comparison and efficiency. We respect your time and international lifestyle, so we provide maximum flexibility and convenience on approvals, management and payments.

We do our best to deliver the hustle-free process, so you can be sure that every detail, even that you didn’t think about, is taken care of.


About Founder

My name is Elena Tushina. I am a founder of Smartline, and I am proud to tell you about my business as I would talk about my dearest child, as I believe nobody could say better than the owner of the company.

I am a visionaire and analytic by nature. My life mottos are “If you want to be happy-be happy” and “Be better than yesterday”. I am inspired by creating beauty all around as I believe that aesthetical, well-maintained environment positively affects people’s behavior. And vice versa, build a better version of yourself and the world will transform into a better place.

I was born in Tula, Russia.

I am a winner of multiple regional and state competitions in Math and programming and also completed 8 years of music school.

I graduated from Tula State University with a bachelor’s degree in Math and Programming.

Later, I graduated from a design program of Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

I also completed multiple psychological programs as it’s always been my hobby and has become an important life and professional skill.

At the age of 20, I moved to Moscow and started working in the most prestigious showroom of Italian furniture as a design sales assistant. I’ve learned the Italian language, visited the most important world design shows, took numerous professional training courses at multiple amazing factories in Europe. I was also fortunate to meet and to learn from Masters of Italian design such as Paola Navone, Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni, Claudio Silvestrin, William Sawaya, Philippe Stark, Giorgio Armani, and others.

After few years I took the position of Project Manager and later Head of Design Sales in the company, where I executed design projects for Ararat Park Hyatt, Ritz Carlton Moscow, Disney office in Moscow, VW Audi Group Rus Office, numerous luxury restaurants, and residences. I also extended the education at top German, Swiss, British, French furniture manufacturing companies.

In 2008 in the middle of world crisis, the company closed, and I started my own design business named SMARTLINE. So, I started just with myself and my computer at home, and soon I was able to open our office in Moscow city center and hire employees in Italy.

In 2010 I moved with my family to Florida, United States to try different market opportunities. Being goal-oriented and extremely hard-working, after few years I opened the office in Wynwood, Miami.

I want to say special thank you to our team members for being loyal to our mission and responsibilities. Love you from my heart!

And a Great Thank You to our clients for your trust, staying with us for many years, and sharing your personal life with us, which we protect with dignity.

We appreciate your attention!



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