Neglinnaya str., Moscow, Russia

Housing space
2000 m2 (lobby, Conservatory lounge&bar, luxury suites)
Execution time
2 years of stagewise implementation

Scope of work

Design, product and material consulting, interior furnishing.


The hotel is located in the very center of Moscow and included in the 5 top hotels of the city. The hotel kept continuously working during the scheduled renovation and all the rooms were available even within the restricted period. Key solutions should be matching the global corporate design trends and thus be approved by the head design department of the network. All the used materials, fabrics, surfaces should meet the demands in the issues of anti-slipping, fire-protection, water and dirt-proof, anti-range and others. Having let dip to the hospitality service backstage the work turned to be quite engaging.

Brands used: Donghia, Sellaro, Giorgetti, Hypnos, Clockhouse, Porta Romana, Bella Figura, Vaughan, Lelievre, Sina Pearson, Pollack, Baumann, Silent Gliss, Couristan Carpets and others.



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