Ritz Carlton Hotel

Tverskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Housing space
2000 m2 (SPA complex)
Execution time
6 months

Scope of work

Product consulting, sanitary standard certifying, decoration, furnishing and material supply


The noble hotel in the heart of Moscow is included in the Top 5 of Moscow best hotels. The executive management of the constructing works comes from Germany and had no practical experience of working in Russia. So, our mission was not only implement the SPA project but also to supply all the consumables including cotton pads and disposable blankets. The concepts should be matching Ritz global corporate design trends and thus be approved by the head design department of the network. All the used materials, fabrics, surfaces should meet the demands in the issues of anti-slipping, fire-protection, water and dirt-proof, anti-range and others.

Having let dip to the hospitality service backstage the work turned to be quite engaging. And besides we could feel our contribution into the beautiful business launch.

Brands used: Klafs, Silhouet, Oakworks, Paul Telling, SIEMC, Golden Ratio, PerfectSense, DiamondWay, Lifestyle Sports, Gerlach, OPI, Rosenthal, Swimsuite Dryer, Soto, Alberto Zanre and others.



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