Ritz Carlton Hotel

Philadelphia, USA

Housing space
1000 m2 (lobby and several premium suites)
Execution time
4 months

Scope of work

Product consulting, furnishing


The noble hotel in the historic building of 1908 constructed with architectural elements of Greek pantheon. The hotel was significantly renovated in 2016 remaining generally in the same style     with addition of the contemporary aesthetics so as to meet the modern beauty standards.

Our goal was to select furniture combining American classics of the 20th century and elegance of the 21st

The concepts should be matching Ritz global corporate design trends and thus be approved by the head design department of the network. All the used materials, fabrics, surfaces should meet the demands in the issues of anti-slipping, fire-protection, water and dirt-proof, anti-range and others. The collaboration was quite engaging due to we had a chance to touch the history.

Brands used: Galimberti Nino, Morelato, Asnaghi, The Sofa&Chair and others.



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