Loft ‘Fairy-tale’

‘Skazka (Fairy-tale)’ settlement, Moscow region

Housing space
170 m2
Execution time
2 months

Scope of work

Design and architectural project development


the loft in the new settlement of ‘Skazka’ was purchased by the client as an investment object to let on hire. The building contains 2 story living room. Our objective was to enhance living space and transform it into stylish and appealing premises with attractive commercial and durable view. It shouldn’t be very expensive though. 

We managed to expand the living area of the second floor by extending the concrete platform and adding a glass dividing wall to zone a room, we moved a stair from the room center to the wall, widened the roof windows to make the bathroom more visually spacious and made some other steps.

The furniture and other interior details were chosen from the ones offered by Italian manufacturer with average pricing. All the bathroom sanitary equipment was supplied by high-quality German producers, finishing and decoration details are of Russian production (wooden floors, tiles, curtains and other.)

Brands used: Valmori, Delta light, Duravit, Jesse, Porada and others.

Attached photos are conception images.


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