Continuum 2 ‘Pearls of the legendary South Beach’

100 South Pointe Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33139

Housing space
250 m2
Execution time
4 months

Scope of work

Design project developing, furnishing and interior items supply


The most prestigious residential complex at South Beach is described as a collection of stunning ocean views and vast territory. The architecture is both ultramodern and minimalistic. Hot climate demands cold colors of finishing with white/ grey/ ocean shades.

The client is a keen admirer imposing comfort and a collector of arts that was the reason to soften the interior with upholstery and elegant accents of art deco inclusions.

Brands used: Galimberti Nino, Inedito, Porta Romana, Loloey and others.

The photos can’t be published due to the client’s request.



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