Design concierge


Here at SMARTLINE we present a unique Concierge experience in the Interior Design industry.

Our services include design and project consulting in the country of your choice in Europe or North America, research of industry professionals, and supplying of design products and materials directly from manufacturers or from local showrooms. 

We are able to solve the problem from the very simple to the extensive one!

Our interior design work spans back to 2002 and SMARTLINE was formed as an independent company in 2009.

The core team is located in Moscow (Russsia), Miami (USA), and Cassino (Rome, Italy). We also have representatives in other cities worldwide.

We cooperate with industry professionals and producers from Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, North America, Latin America, and Russia.

The list is constantly growing, thanks to the emergence of new products, talented designers.

You can see our partners on the map here.

A portfolio of our work includes commercial projects such as hotels, offices and restaurants. We also service private residents such as houses and apartments. Locations of our completed projects can be found here.

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